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When you lose a game to a team with half your teams power they get 1 shot on goal you get 7 and 6 corners and they by some miracle of coarse score 1 goal with their one shot and you get none from 7 is just silly. I don't see any reason to keep playing I have had this happen a couple times now and its simply frustrating and I see no reason to continue.

See how this goes fired all my staff and sold off as many players as possible,cleared out the youth team who were on top of their league, and left an empty team for league (which i was winning as well) would like to know if the game will auto fill in my team for league play with the players left that i can not sell.
Chelsea won a Champions League with that style of play

It seems like you went crazy for a single match in a browsergame, don't you? Maybe you should check an anger management therapist